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Dharmendra Pradhan Launched IndiaSkills 2023-24 In New Delhi


The Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship unveiled the IndiaSkills 2023-24 program and celebrated the remarkable achievements of the WorldSkills 2022 winners. India, securing the 11th position in the global competition last year, is now poised to make giant strides in skill development. This event witnessed the announcement of ambitious goals by Union Minister for Skill Development, Dharmendra Pradhan, emphasizing the need for a quantum leap in skill acquisition.

A Vision for Skill Development

In his address, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan outlined the need to increase the number of participants from 0.25 million to 2.5 million. This visionary step aims to provide impetus to the ecosystem of skill development and underscores the significance of competencies over traditional degrees. The minister emphasized the importance of introducing employable skills, which would enhance the market acceptance of the workforce.

Competencies Over Degrees

Minister Pradhan’s statement underscores the paradigm shift in the approach to education and skill development. In the 21st century, competencies, applied knowledge, and hands-on training are becoming increasingly vital. This shift recognizes that practical skills and vocational excellence are equally valuable in the workforce, if not more so, than traditional academic degrees.

Reducing the Skills Gap

Minister Pradhan also highlighted the need for mapping skill gaps. Reducing the disconnect between degrees earned and skills acquired is pivotal for creating a workforce that is not only educated but also equipped with the skills needed in the job market. Bridging this gap can help enhance employability and job readiness.

IndiaSkills: The Pathway to WorldSkills

IndiaSkills serves as the precursor to the prestigious WorldSkills competition, a global platform for assessing and celebrating vocational excellence. Participants who excel in IndiaSkills at the national level earn the opportunity to represent India on the global stage in the WorldSkills competition, scheduled to be held in Paris next year.

Celebrating India’s Success at the World Skills Competition 2022 Special Edition

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Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, extended his congratulations to 18 candidates from India for their exceptional performance at the World Skills Competition 2022 Special Edition. India’s participation across 50 skills resulted in a commendable 11th position, accompanied by 2 Silver Medals, 3 Bronze Medals, and 13 Medallions for Excellence. The accomplished winners and their dedicated trainers received certificates and cash prizes during a splendid ceremony.

WorldSkills: A Global Benchmark

The WorldSkills competition, organized by WorldSkills International with 86 member countries, sets a global benchmark for high-performance vocational skills. It provides a unique opportunity to assess the excellence of the workforce on an international scale. This competition brings together participants from diverse industries and academic backgrounds.

Industry and Academic Partnerships

WorldSkills 2022 witnessed active participation from over 200 industry and academic partners, including prominent names like Toyota Kirloskar, Mahindra, Saint Gobain, Larsen & Toubro, Maruti Suzuki, and Infosys. These partnerships indicate the widespread recognition of the importance of skill development in various sectors.

India’s Remarkable Performance At WorldSkills

India participated in 50 skills at the WorldSkills 2022 competition, including new-age skills like robot system integration, additive manufacturing, industry 4.0, digital construction, mobile application development, and renewable energy. With its outstanding performance, India secured the 11th position, its best ranking to date since its participation began in 2007.

A Milestone in India’s Skill Development Journey: IndiaSkills and WorldSkills

The launch of IndiaSkills 2023-24 and the recognition of WorldSkills 2022 winners mark a significant milestone in India’s journey towards skill development and vocational excellence. With IndiaSkills serving as a stepping stone to the global platform of WorldSkills, India is poised to continue its ascent in the world of vocational skills and competencies, bridging the gap between academia and the workforce.

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