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Digital India Initiative: Vision, Objectives and Advantages

What is Digital India Initiative?

The Digital India Initiative was launched by the government of India to make government services available to the citizens of India electronically through online infrastructure improvement and also establishing and enhancing internet connectivity. The digital India initiative was established to empower the country digital and technology. This initiative was launched on 1st July 2015 by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and Finance Ministry.

The initiative was taken by the government of India to provide high-speed internet networks to remote and rural areas of India. After the launch of the digital India mission, people were also able to enjoy the other benefits of government schemes which included Make in India, Bharatmala, Sagarmala, Start-up India, Bharatnet, and stand-up India. The digital India initiative focused on 3 areas of concern; we include the following points.

  1. To provide Digital India infrastructure as a source of utility to every citizen.
  2. Services on demand and governance.
  3. To take care of the digital empowerment of every citizen in India.

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Digital India Initiative: Vision

The perspective of the Digital India Initiative is very broad and it is a huge project for the development of India based on connectivity and technology.

  • Broadband highways consist of three components, broadband for all, rural broadband for all urban, and National information infrastructure.
  • To provide universal access to mobile connectivity which will focus on network dissemination and filling the gaps of connectivity in India.
  • To establish public internet access programs, this has two subcontinents common service centers and post office multi-service centers.
  • To improve the delivery of public services establishment of e-Kranti or electronic delivery services.
  • To disseminate information for all, it insurance transparency and availability of required and reliable data generated by the line ministry for use, distribution, and reuse for the citizen of India.
  • To promote electronics manufacturing.
  • To provide training for IT jobs for the youth, to make them empowered to get the opportunity in IT sectors.
  • establishes an early harvest program that consists of a group of different short-term projects which will have an immediate effect on the digital ecosystem of India, its platforms for mass messaging, biometric attendance in government offices, etc.

Digital India Initiative: Objectives

The digital India initiative motto is ‘power to empower’. Digital India initiative follows three components of digital infrastructure creation digital, delivery of service, and digital literacy. Similarly, it follows a few objectives which are listed below.

  1. Digital India initiative ensures to provide high-speed internet in all rural areas or gram panchayats of India.
  2. It strives to provide easy access to the common service center in all the localities of India.
  3. The initiative combines a large number of ideas and thoughts into a single vision so that each vision is seen as a part of a larger goal.
  4. It focuses on reconstructing many existing schemes that can be implemented in a much better approach.

Digital India Initiative: Advantages

  1. It promotes the increase of electronic transactions related to e-Governance.
  2. Over 1.1 5 lakh gram panchayats are connected with an optical fiber of 2,74,246 Km under the Bharatnet program.
  3. Under the national e-governance project of India a common service center has been created by the government which provides access to information and communication technology.
  4. The internet accessibility has made it easier for the common service Centre to provide multimedia content related to e-governance, education, health, telemedicine, entertainment, and other Government and private services.
  5. Delivery of the service is majorly done by the use of the internet and the internet perception of urban areas has reached 64%.

Digital India Initiative: Programmes

  1. DigiLocker
  2. E-Hospitals
  3. E-Pathshala
  4. BHIM

FAQs related to Digital India Initiative

1. What is the Digital India initiative?
Ans. The digital India initiative was established for growth in the areas of electronic service, products, manufacturing, and job opportunities.

2. What are the challenges faced by the Digital India campaign?
Ans. Challenges faced by the Digital India campaign are lack of awareness among users, and lack of awareness making the set limited to people.

3. Who started the digital India initiative?
Ans. The digital India initiative was launched on 1st July 2015 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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