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Digital India Mission: Uttar Pradesh Tops in Use of e-Prosecution Portal

Uttar Pradesh, with 9.12 million cases, ranks at the top in the number of disposal and entry of cases through the e-Prosecution portal managed by the Union government under its Digital India Mission. According to the figures till the end of August, Madhya Pradesh followed in second spot at 2.31 million, Bihar with 859,000, Gujarat with 487,000 and Chhattisgarh with 383,000 cases. UP also ranks at the top in disposal of online cases on this portal, with about 470,000 entries, followed by 170,000 for MP and 125,000 for Gujarat. The portal launched by states two years ago is an initiative of the home, IT and law ministries for helping courts and the prosecution system in accelerating criminal trials in heinous crimes.

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About The System:

Under the system, officials ensure that witnesses are informed through SMS about their day of appearance in court, reach out to the concerned government advocates and help in prompt disposal of cases, with the entire database of the case structured to help the prosecution, an official said. The portal provides for e-communication between the police department and the prosecution directorate under the Inter-operable Criminal Justice System (ICJS) that enables transfer of data among courts, police, jails and forensic science laboratories. The state has also topped in convictions related to crime against women and in cases related to cybercrime as well as convictions of arrested people in cases related to Indian Penal Code (IPC) incidents, and in the seizure of illegal firearms, as per the latest data released by the National Crime Records Bureau.

What The Govt Aims:

In the next 100 days, the department aims at securing conviction of 1,000 convicts under POCSO Act and crimes against women. It is also planned to ensure conviction in crimes under POCSO Act within one month, and ensure punishment in at least 90 per cent of the decided cases under the Arms Act. The e-Prosecution Mobile app is also being developed which will incorporate digitisation of all judicial procedures of prosecutors in courts. According to Additional Director General of Police Ashutosh Pandey, the Prosecution department is conducting a 100-day special campaign under the Mission Shakti for women empowerment. Specific formats had been designed for providing monthly information on action taken against 25 listed mafia groups in UP; cases underway and decided under the POCSO Act; cases pertaining to illicit liquor and the Arms Act. The objective is to monitor the progress of officials in all districts in maintaining a steady progress in prosecution of important cases and thus instill a sense of confidence among the people.

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