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Divyansh Singh Panwar Clinches ISSF World Cup Gold In 10m Air Rifle Event

At just 21 years old, Divyansh Singh Panwar continues to carve his name in the annals of shooting history, securing his fourth World Cup gold in the 10m air rifle event. This latest triumph adds to his impressive collection, which includes victories in Munich, Beijing, and Delhi since 2019.

Hailing from Rajasthan, Divyansh Singh Panwar showcased his talent early on at the ISSF World Cup. His journey culminated in a spectacular performance at the Tokyo Olympics, setting the stage for his remarkable feats at subsequent events.

Dominance on Display: Qualification and Final

The former world number one and Olympian, Divyansh Singh Panwar, showcased his exceptional skill and composure by topping the qualification round with a stellar score of 632.4. In the final showdown, he maintained his poise to edge out Danilo Sollazzo of Italy by a mere 1.9 points, securing the coveted gold medal. Despite setbacks at Tokyo, Panwar’s resilience shone through. Taking a hiatus, he emerged stronger, ready to tackle new challenges at the ISSF World Cup.

Breaking Records: Setting New Standards

In a display of remarkable talent, Divyansh shattered the previous world record for the men’s final with an astounding score of 253.7. This feat eclipsed the earlier record of 253.3 set by Sheng LIhao of China during the Asian Games in Hangzhou. Despite this incredible achievement, Sheng’s qualification world record remains intact at 637.9. Notably, the women’s world record for air rifle stands at 254.0, held by Han Jiayu of China, set during the World Cup in Baku the previous year.

Indian Dominance: Medals Table Triumph

India soared to the summit of the medals table, showcasing their prowess with two gold and two silver medals. This stellar performance underscored India’s rising prominence in the world of shooting. Following closely behind was Spain, clinching one gold and one silver, while teams from Kazakhstan, Britain, Greece, and Korea also made their mark on the global stage.

Results Recap: Indian Contingent Performance

In the 10m air rifle event for men, the results were as follows:

Sno. Shooter Final Score Qualification Score
1 Divyansh Singh Panwar 253.7 632.4
2 Danilo Dennis Sollazzo 251.8 631.3
3 Lazar Kovacevic 230.6 630.7
4 Arjun Babuta 166.1 630.7
5 Rudrankksh Patil 629.3

Looking Ahead

As Panwar prepares for future competitions, including the Paris Olympics, his stellar performance at the ISSF World Cup serves as a testament to his skill and tenacity. With records broken and victories secured, Panwar’s journey continues to inspire aspiring athletes worldwide.

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3. Who holds the women’s world record score for the 10m air rifle event?

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