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Dr Pradeep Mahajan receives Maharashtra Bhushan Award 2024

In a remarkable recognition of his contributions to the field of regenerative medicine, Dr. Pradeep Mahajan, the Founder and Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of StemRx Hospital and Research Centre, along with StemRx Bioscience Solutions, has been awarded the prestigious Maharashtra Bhushan Award 2024. This accolade is a testament to his pioneering efforts and substantial impact in advancing regenerative medicine, offering new hope and innovative treatments to patients worldwide.

A Beacon in Regenerative Medicine

Pioneering Contributions

Dr. Mahajan’s journey in the medical field is marked by his innovative approach and dedication to regenerative medicine. His work has not only provided groundbreaking treatments for patients but has also significantly contributed to the scientific community’s understanding of regenerative therapies.

Leadership and Innovation

Under Dr. Mahajan’s leadership, StemRx Hospital and Research Centre has emerged as a leading institution in the field of regenerative medicine. His commitment to research and development has led to several clinical successes, earning him recognition within and beyond the medical community.

Education and Affiliations

Academic Associations

Dr. Mahajan’s affiliations with prestigious institutions such as Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), Institute of Technology & Management (ITM), and Amity University underscore his dedication to education and research in regenerative medicine.


His certification from the American Board of Regenerative Medicine further validates his expertise and proficiency in this specialized area, marking him as a respected authority in regenerative therapies.

Impactful Achievements

Transformative Treatments

Among Dr. Mahajan’s notable achievements are the world’s youngest case of Cerebral Palsy treated with regenerative medicine and the first instance of Empty Nose Syndrome in India being addressed through innovative therapies. These cases not only showcase the potential of regenerative medicine but also Dr. Mahajan’s role in pioneering these treatments.

Advancing Medical Science

Through his relentless pursuit of alternative therapies for life-threatening diseases and painful conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and arthritis, Dr. Mahajan has focused on providing cost-effective solutions with minimal side effects, thereby enhancing patient care and quality of life.

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