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Draupadi Murmu released Postage Stamp in memory of Dadi Prakashmani

What’s in News?

On 25th August, 2023, a special event took place at the Rashtrapati Bhavan Cultural Centre as President Draupadi Murmu unveiled a postage stamp in memory of Dadi Prakashmani. This initiative has been taken on the 16th death anniversary of Dadi Prakashmani under the ‘My Stamp’ initiative of the Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications.

Significance of the Postage Stamp

The commemorative postage stamp unveiled by President Draupadi Murmu on the 16th death anniversary of Dadi Prakashmani, holds a deep significance. This initiative stands as an evident to the enduring influence and remarkable contribution of Dadi Prakashmani to both spirituality and society. The stamp not only immortalizes her legacy but also symbolizes the timeless wisdom she imparted and the positive change she brought.

Who was Dadi Prakashmani?

Dadi Prakashmani, former chief of Brahma Kumaris, played a pivotal role in the Brahma Kumaris organization. Her life was dedicated to spreading Indian values and culture across the nation and beyond, through the path of spirituality. Her leadership guided the Brahma Kumaris to become the world’s largest women-led spiritual institution. Even in tough times, Dadi Prakashmani’s faith and courage offered unwavering support and guidance to the Brahma Kumaris family.

Brahma Kumaris

Brahma Kumaris, founded in 1937 by Prajapita Brahma Baba, is a global spiritual organization with a profound focus on personal transformation and the renewal of the world. With its headquarters nestled in Mount Abu, India, the Brahma Kumaris holds non-governmental status across various international spheres.

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