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Dubai Breaks Ground on ‘World’s Largest’ Airport Project

Dubai is embarking on an ambitious endeavor to construct the world’s largest airport, Al Maktoum International Airport, boasting an unprecedented capacity to accommodate 260 million passengers annually, with 400 terminal gates and five parallel runways. Spearheaded by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the project signifies Dubai’s commitment to innovation and global connectivity.

Visionary Urban Integration

Beyond its function as a transportation hub, Al Maktoum International Airport is envisioned as a comprehensive city within Dubai South. Sheikh Mohammed aims to establish it as the “world’s airport,” seamlessly integrating with urban life, commerce, and global trade.

Strategic Investment and Timeline

Backed by the Dubai Aviation Corporation, the project entails a staggering investment of AED 128 billion ($35 billion). The initial phase, expected to be completed within a decade, will cater to 150 million passengers annually, laying the foundation for further expansion.

Economic Implications and Housing Demand

The development of Al Maktoum International Airport is poised to stimulate economic growth, attracting leading companies in logistics and air transport sectors. Additionally, Dubai anticipates a surge in demand for housing, accommodating up to a million people in the vicinity of the airport.

Al Maktoum International Airport

Opened in 2010 with a single terminal, Al Maktoum International Airport has evolved into a crucial aviation hub, hosting cargo and private flights amid the pandemic. Its strategic location and expansive desert surroundings provide ample space for future expansion and development.

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