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Education Minister Reports 37% Increase In Women’s Workforce Participation In India For FY23


The participation of women in India’s workforce has seen a significant increase, reaching 37 per cent during the 2022-23 fiscal year, according to Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan. This remarkable upsurge, compared to the 23 per cent recorded in 2017-18, reflects the impact of the government’s focused efforts to empower women in the workplace.

Balanced Growth and Hard Work

Minister Pradhan emphasized the importance of balanced societal growth, underlining the increasing participation of women in the workforce. He noted that women are proving to be hardworking contributors to the economy, highlighting the fact that they often exhibit exceptional dedication and commitment in their roles.

Government Initiatives

The Narendra Modi government has played a crucial role in boosting women’s participation in the workforce. Various women-focused schemes and policies have been implemented to empower women and create equal opportunities in the job market. These initiatives have not only increased women’s representation but also improved their access to skill development and employment.

Prioritizing Women in Policy-Making and Leadership

Pradhan emphasized that the government has given a high priority to women in policy-making and leadership roles. This emphasis on diversity at decision-making levels contributes to more inclusive and gender-aware policies that benefit women in various sectors.

Reskilling and Upskilling

In a rapidly changing world driven by technology, it’s essential for the workforce, including women, to adapt to new challenges. Minister Pradhan stressed the significance of re-skilling and up-skilling working women to help them stay competitive and relevant in evolving industries.

Reduced Unemployment Rate

One of the most significant achievements noted by Pradhan was the decrease in the unemployment rate. In the 2022-23 fiscal year, the rate of unemployment in the country dropped to 3.7 per cent, a significant improvement from the 6 per cent recorded in 2017-18. This is a testament to the success of government policies and initiatives in generating employment opportunities and reducing joblessness.

Positive Impact on Rozgar Mela

The ‘Rozgar Mela,’ in Bhubaneshwar where Minister Pradhan made these announcements, is an excellent example of how government efforts are making a positive impact. Pradhan distributed appointment letters of different central organizations to 172 individuals, illustrating the tangible benefits of these initiatives. This not only offers people employment but also contributes to the country’s economic growth.

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