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Eminent Writer T. Padmanabhan Receives Prestigious Kerala Jyothi Award

Kerala government has selected renowned writer T. Padmanabhan as the recipient of the prestigious Kerala Jyothi award. This highest civilian honor in the state was awarded to Padmanabhan in recognition of his exceptional contributions to Malayalam literature.

Kerala Prabha and Kerala Shree Awards Acknowledge Excellence Across Various Spheres

The Kerala government has also announced several other accolades, known as the ‘Kerala Puraskarngals,’ which are bestowed upon individuals who have made remarkable contributions to various aspects of social life. Among the notable awardees are Justice (Retired) M. Fathima Beevi and Nataraja Krishnamurthy, also known as Soorya Krishnamurthy.

Justice (Retired) M. Fathima Beevi Recognized for Outstanding Social Service

Justice (Retired) M. Fathima Beevi has been chosen for the ‘Kerala Prabha’ award for her significant contributions to the field of social service. Her distinguished career in the legal field, marked by dedication to social causes, has earned her this esteemed honor.

Nataraja Krishnamurthy (Soorya Krishnamurthy) Honored for Contributions in the Arts

Nataraja Krishnamurthy, known by his stage name Soorya Krishnamurthy, has been recognized for his outstanding contributions in the field of arts. His artistic endeavors, which have enriched the cultural landscape, have made him a recipient of the ‘Kerala Prabha’ award.

Outstanding Achievers in Various Spheres Receive Kerala Shree Awards

The ‘Kerala Sree’ awards, the third highest State honors, have been granted to five distinguished individuals for their remarkable achievements in their respective fields. These honorees include:

  • Punalur Somarajan (Social Service Sector): Acknowledged for his exceptional contributions to social service, Punalur Somarajan has made a significant impact on the welfare of society.
  • V.P. Gangadharan (Health Sector): For his remarkable work in the health sector, V.P. Gangadharan has been recognized with the ‘Kerala Sree’ award.
  • Ravi DC (Industry and Commerce Sector): Ravi DC’s accomplishments in the industry and commerce sector have earned him this prestigious honor.
  • K.M. Chandrasekhar (Civil Service Sector): K.M. Chandrasekhar’s outstanding service in the civil service sector has been duly acknowledged.
  • Pandit Ramesh Narayan (Art, Music): Pandit Ramesh Narayan’s exemplary contributions to the world of art and music have earned him the ‘Kerala Sree’ award.

The Kerala government has implemented a system of awarding the ‘Kerala Jyothi’ award to one individual each year, the ‘Kerala Prabha’ award to two individuals, and the ‘Kerala Shree’ award to five individuals, all in recognition of their exceptional contributions to various fields.

The jury responsible for selecting these deserving recipients was headed by notable figures including Adoor Gopalakrishnan, K. Jayakumar, and George Onakkoor, ensuring a fair and comprehensive assessment of the awardees’ contributions.

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