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Emmanuelle Soubeyran Elected as New Director General of WOAH

France applauds the election of Dr. Emmanuelle Soubeyran as Director General of the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) for the 2024-2029 term. She was elected to this position on May 28 at the World Assembly of Delegates, which was held in Paris, and extends her thanks to all the member countries and territories for their show of confidence. Her candidacy reflected France’s commitment to the organization’s goal of promoting animal health and well-being. France, which worked to establish the WOAH, is one of its leading contributors and hosts the organization’s headquarters in Paris. It will continue to lobby for the WOAH’s recognition within the multilateral system and in support of an ambitious vision for its future.

Election Highlights

During its 91st General Session, the World Organisation for Animal Health elected Dr. Emmanuelle Soubeyran as its new Director General for a 5-year mandate (2024-2029). This election marks a significant milestone in WOAH’s commitment to global animal health. The election process involved a secret ballot vote under the “one country, one vote” rule, culminating in Dr. Soubeyran becoming WOAH’s 8th Director General.

Leadership Transition

Dr. Soubeyran succeeds Dr. Monique Eloit, who served an impactful 8-year tenure. Under Dr. Eloit’s leadership, WOAH enhanced global cooperation to combat animal diseases and strengthened the capacity and inclusivity of its Members. Key initiatives during her tenure included support for veterinary paraprofessionals, the implementation of the Observatory, and the development of the ANIMUSE database.

Future Vision

As WOAH celebrates its 100th anniversary, it continues to face complex challenges such as zoonotic diseases and the sustainability of animal production. Under Dr. Soubeyran’s leadership, WOAH is poised to address these issues through collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity, advancing its mission of promoting a safer, healthier future for both animals and humans.

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