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Who was the First Governor of Haryana?

In the pages of Haryana’s political narrative, the inaugural governor, emerges as a pivotal figure whose indomitable spirit and visionary leadership laid the cornerstone for the state’s governance. In this article, we will know about the first Governor of Haryana, his life and political career and role in shaping the political landscape of Haryana.

Who was the First Governor of Haryana?

Dharam Vira, a distinguished civil servant and politician, left an indelible mark on India’s political canvas. Served as the first Governor of Haryana, his tenure witnessed pivotal moments in the state’s nascent journey towards self-governance and development. This article elucidates the life, contributions, and enduring legacy of Dharam Vira in shaping the destiny of Haryana.

First Governor of Haryana – Key Details

Name: Dharma Vira
Date of Birth: 20th January 1906
Place of Birth: Bijnor, United Provinces, British India
Parents: Raja Jwala Prasad, Bhagyati Devi
Known for: 1st Governor of Haryana
Awards: Padma Vibhushan
Death: 16th September 2000
Place of Death: New Delhi, India

Haryana’s First Governor – Early Life and Education

Born on January 20, 1906, in Bijnor, Dharam Vira hailed from a distinguished lineage. He pursued his education at Muir Central College in Allahabad before venturing to London for the prestigious Indian Civil Services examinations. His academic prowess and commitment to public service laid the foundation for a stellar career marked by integrity and dedication.

First Governor of Haryana – Political Career

Dharam Vira’s multifaceted political career spanned pivotal roles from Deputy Chief Controller of Imports during WWII to serving as Governor in various Indian states and leading national commissions. Here is the list of positions held by Dharam Vira:

Position Duration
Deputy Chief Comptroller of Imports During WWII
Textile Commissioner for India 1945
Joint Secretary to the Indian Cabinet Post – Independence
Principal Private Secretary to Jawaharlal Nehru 1950-1951
Commercial Advisor to the Indian High Commissioner 1951-1953
Ambassador to Czechoslovakia 1954-1956
Secretary to the Ministry of Rehabilitation 1956-1962
Secretary to the Ministry of Works, Housing and Supply 1962
Chief Commissioner of Delhi 1963-1964
Cabinet Secretary and Secretary to Union Council of Ministers 1964-1966
Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission
Governor of Punjab and Haryana 1966-1967
Governor of West Bengal 1967-1969
Governor of Karnataka (Mysore) 1969-1972
Chairman of the National Police Commission 1977-1983
President of the Bharat Scouts and Guides 1973-1976

Dharma Vira as First Governor of Haryana

Assuming office on November 1, 1966, Dharam Vira embarked on a mission to steer Haryana towards progress and prosperity. As the state’s inaugural governor, he faced the formidable task of laying the groundwork for effective governance and socio-economic development. His tenure witnessed the formulation of policies aimed at fostering education, healthcare, and infrastructure, setting a precedent for future administrations.

Haryana’s Inaugural Governor – Challenges and Achievements

Navigating the complexities of a newly-formed state, Dharam Vira encountered numerous challenges ranging from administrative restructuring to socio-political integration. However, his resolve remained unshaken as he spearheaded initiatives to uplift marginalized communities, promote industrial growth, and enhance agricultural productivity. His tenure witnessed the seeds of transformation taking root, paving the way for Haryana’s emergence as a beacon of progress.

Haryana’s First Governor – Legacy and Honors

Dharam Vira’s legacy transcends the temporal confines of his governance. His visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to public service earned him accolades and admiration from all quarters. Awarded the prestigious Padma Vibhushan in 1999, his contributions continue to inspire generations of leaders and citizens alike, resonating as a testament to the power of integrity, diligence, and leadership.

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Who was the first Governor of Haryana?

Dharam Vira, a distinguished civil servant and politician, left an indelible mark on India's political canvas, appointed as the first Governor of Haryana on 1st November 1966.

When did Dharam Vira become first Governor of Haryana?

Dharam Vira became the first Governor of Haryana on 1st November 1966.

When was Dharam Vira, the first Governor of Haryana born?

Dharam Vira, the first Governor of Haryana was born January 20, 1906, in Bijnor.

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