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First Woman Judge of High Court, Who is She?

First Woman Judge of High Court

Justice Anna Chandy, commonly known as Anna Chandy, occupies a significant place in Indian legal history. Her remarkable path, from being the first female judge in the British Empire to achieving the distinction of becoming the first female judge of High Court, exemplifies her pioneering accomplishments and steadfast dedication to advocating for women’s rights.

Early Life of Anna Chandy

Birth date: 5th April 1905

Birth place: Trivandrum, Travancore

Anna Chandy’s early life was marked by determination and academic excellence. Raised in Trivandrum, she belonged to the Anglican Syrin Christian community. Her pursuit of education led her to earn a post-graduate degree in 1926, setting the stage for her future accomplishments. In a significant milestone, she became the first woman in her state to obtain a law degree and subsequently, she was called to the Bar.

Pioneering Achievements

· Entry into Politics

Anna Chandy entered into political arena by contesting elections from the Shree Mulam Popular Assemble. In 1932, she was elected to the assembly for the term 1932-34, thereby becoming a part of the legislative process.

· Judicial Career

In 1937, Anna Chandy marked her entry into the judiciary, becoming the first woman judge in an Indian district court. This achievement was monumental, as it defied societal norms that had long excluded women from the legal profession.

· District Judge

Anna Chandy’s journey within the legal profession continued to ascend as she was promoted to the position of District Judge in 1948. Her dedication and competence propelled her forward, solidifying her reputation as a capable and successful jurist.

· First Woman Judge of High Court

Anna Chandy’s legacy reached new heights in 1959 when she was appointed as a judge to the Kerala High Court. This landmark achievement marked her as the first woman judge in an Indian High Court. Her elevation to this prestigious position was a defining moment that reflected not only her individual accomplishments but also the gradual shift towards greater gender diversity in the judiciary.

· Advocacy for Women’s Rights

Alongside her judicial pursuits, Anna Chandy was a fervent advocate for women’s rights. She founded and edited the journal “Shreemati,” the first woman’s magazine in the Malayalam language. Through this platform, she championed issues ranging from gender equality to education for women, fostering a space for discourse and progress.

Legacy and Impact

Justice Anna Chandy’s legacy continues to inspire the generations. Her journey from being the first female judge in the British Empire to becoming the first woman judge of a high court in India is an evident to her determination, resilience and commitment to breaking down gender barriers.

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Who was the first woman judge of High Court?

Justice Anna Chandy, the first woman judge of High Court, was a remarkable figure in Indian legal history. She was appointed as a judge to the Kerala High Court in 1959.

How did Anna Chandy venture into politics?

Anna Chandy entered politics by contesting elections to the Shree Mulam Popular Assembly. In 1932, she was elected as a legislator for the term 1932-34, making her a part of the legislative process and enabling her to advocate for important issues.

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