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Food regulator FSSAI certifies nearly 100 jails as ‘Eat Right Campus’

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has certified nearly 100 jails across the nation as ‘Eat Right Campus,’ a part of its broader Eat Right India movement. This initiative aims to ensure safe, healthy, and sustainable food practices within various institutional settings, including correctional facilities.

Certification Process and Criteria:

  • Rigorous Evaluation: The certification process involves a stringent assessment based on FSSAI’s prescribed criteria, ensuring adherence to food safety standards.

  • Comprehensive Audits: Participating jails undergo thorough audits focusing on four key parameters: basic hygiene, provision of healthy food, awareness about local and seasonal food, and efforts towards promoting nutrition.
  • Identification of Gaps: Through self-assessment or third-party audits, jails identify areas for improvement, fostering a culture of accountability towards food safety and nutrition.

Training and Capacity Building:

  • Food Safety Training: Food Safety Supervisors and handlers within the jails undergo training through FSSAI’s Food Safety Training and Certification (FoSTaC) Programme. This program emphasizes good hygiene and manufacturing practices.

  • Skill Enhancement: By equipping personnel with essential skills and knowledge, jails enhance their capacity to maintain high standards of food safety and hygiene.

Impact and Recognition:

  • Positive Influence: With over 2,900 workplaces nationwide certified as Eat Right Campuses, the initiative significantly impacts the lives of individuals, ensuring access to healthy and hygienic food.

  • Cultural Shift: Certified jails serve as examples, inspiring broader cultural shifts towards safer food environments, reinforcing the importance of food safety and nutrition across the country.

Future Collaborations and Expansion:

  • Continued Momentum: FSSAI remains dedicated to collaborating with institutions across sectors to expand the Eat Right Campus initiative, fostering a culture of well-being and ensuring universal access to healthy and hygienic food.

  • Nationwide Reach: By extending certification to diverse workplaces and institutions, FSSAI aims to reach every corner of the country, promoting safe and healthy eating practices among all segments of society.



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