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Former BharatPe COO Dhruv Bahl Launches Eternal Capital VC Fund

In the dynamic landscape of Indian startups, former BharatPe COO Dhruv Dhanraj Bahl steps into the world of venture capital with the launch of his maiden fund, Eternal Capital, with a substantial corpus of Rs 240 crore, including a greenshoe option.

Thesis-Led Investment Approach

Bahl emphasizes a thesis-led investment approach, targeting companies poised to shape the future while addressing real-world challenges. Leveraging his operational experience, Bahl aims to identify and support startups with mature metrics and practical solutions.

Diverse Portfolio and Sector Focus

Eternal Capital is sector-agnostic, focusing on building a diversified portfolio of startups addressing future solutions. Key sectors of interest include SaaS, clean tech, sports tech, and consumer/D2C startups, aligning with evolving market trends.

Strong Backing and Operator Support

With commitments from notable operators and entrepreneurs like Suhail Sameer, Deep Kalra, and Tarun Mathur, Eternal Capital boasts a robust support network. The fund’s strategy involves investing in 40 startups in their seed to pre-Series A stages over the next three years.

Continuing Legacy of BharatPe Alumni

Bahl’s venture adds to a growing trend of former BharatPe executives launching their startups and venture capital funds, contributing to what’s colloquially termed the “BharatPe mafia.” The entrepreneurial spirit within the company’s alumni underscores a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and investment in India’s startup landscape.

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