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Former Chief Election Commissioner MS Gill Passed Away


Former Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Manohar Singh Gill passed away at a South Delhi hospital on Sunday, leaving behind a legacy of public service and dedication. He served as a significant figure in both the Indian bureaucracy and politics.

Early Life and Career

Manohar Singh Gill, who recently passed away at the age of 86, began his career as a young bureaucrat. During this time, he served under Parkash Singh Badal when the latter was the Punjab Chief Minister. Gill’s early years in public service laid the foundation for a long and distinguished career dedicated to the betterment of the nation.

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC)

One of the most significant chapters in Manohar Singh Gill’s career was his appointment as the Chief Election Commissioner. He assumed this prestigious role in December 1996 and held it until June 2001. During his tenure, Gill played a crucial role in shaping the electoral processes of the country. It was also during his time as CEC that the Election Commission evolved into a multi-member body with the inclusion of GVG Krishnamurty, a pivotal change that expanded the commission’s expertise and capabilities.

Transition to Politics

Manohar Singh Gill’s transition from a career in the bureaucracy to politics marked a unique and historic move. He became the first former CEC to join politics when he entered the Rajya Sabha as a member of the Congress party. In 2008, he was appointed as the Union Sports Minister, further highlighting his dedication to serving the nation in various capacities.

A Remarkable Journey of Public Service and Inspiration for the Nation

Manohar Singh Gill’s passing marks the end of a remarkable journey of service to the nation, a journey that included both public administration and political leadership. His contributions to the electoral processes and sports development will be remembered as part of his lasting legacy. As the nation mourns his loss, his dedication to the betterment of India serves as an inspiration for future leaders and civil servants.

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