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Former Mr. Universe Bodybuilder Shaun Davis, Dies at 57


Former Mr Universe bodybuilder Shaun Davis has tragically passed away at the age of 57, leaving behind a legacy of remarkable achievements in the world of bodybuilding. Hailing from Derbyshire, in east England, Davis had an illustrious career that saw him clinch prestigious titles such as Mr Britain and Mr Europe before reaching the pinnacle of success by being crowned Mr Universe in 1996, as reported by Metro.

The ‘Dinosaur’ of Bodybuilding

At the height of his Mr. Universe success, Shaun Davis was known for his impressive physique, weighing a whopping 334lbs (151 kg). His imposing presence earned him the fitting moniker of ‘Dinosaur‘ within the bodybuilding community. His dedication and hard work in the sport garnered him widespread admiration and respect.

Health Struggles Cut Career Short

Despite his numerous achievements, Shaun Davis faced multiple health challenges, particularly kidney issues, which ultimately forced him to bring his illustrious bodybuilding career to an early close. The toll on his health became evident when he began receiving dialysis three times a week, highlighting the severity of his condition.

A Lifesaving Transplant and Advocacy for Organ Donation

In 2009, after a three-year wait, Shaun Davis received a lifesaving kidney transplant, providing him with a new lease on life. The experience deeply impacted him, leading him to become a vocal advocate for organ donation. In a 2009 interview, Davis emphasized the critical need for more people to sign up as organ donors, stating, “It hammers it home, since the transplant, that more and more people are desperate for kidneys. There are people out there who are dying waiting for kidneys.”

Mourning the Loss of Shaun Davis

The exact cause of Shaun Davis’s death has not been disclosed. Following the heartbreaking news, tributes from friends, fans, and colleagues flooded social media platforms. The bodybuilding community and fans alike mourn the loss of a true icon, remembering Shaun Davis for his unparalleled dedication, inspiring journey, and lasting impact on the world of bodybuilding.

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