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Fusion Micro Finance Secures $25 Million Loan from US International DFC

Fusion Micro Finance has obtained a $25 million loan from the United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) to fuel its expansion plans, primarily focusing on empowering rural women entrepreneurs. The initial disbursement of $20 million, part of an eight-year loan, aims to enhance business operations and advance financial inclusion efforts.

Expansion Strategy and Loan Utilization

Fusion Micro Finance intends to utilize the loan to expand its business operations and drive loan growth, particularly targeting rural women entrepreneurs. The borrowing aligns with the company’s strategy to diversify its liability mix and tap into various funding sources, ultimately strengthening its asset-liability profile.

Partnership Impact and Future Growth

This collaboration bolsters Fusion Micro Finance’s financial standing, enhancing its credibility in the global development financial landscape. Leveraging the loan facility, the microfinance institution aims to broaden its outreach, drive positive social change, and foster economic development in underserved communities.

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