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Gabriel Attal Becomes France’s Youngest-Ever Prime Minister At 34


French President Emmanuel Macron has made a significant political move by appointing Gabriel Attal as the new prime minister of France. At 34 years old, Attal not only becomes the youngest prime minister in the country’s history but also the first openly gay official to hold this prestigious position.

Accountability to the Parliament

In the French political system, the prime minister is appointed by the president and is directly accountable to the parliament. This key role involves implementing domestic policies, particularly economic measures, and coordinating the government’s team of ministers.

Aiming for Renewed Momentum

Attal’s appointment comes in the midst of a cabinet reshuffle initiated by Macron to breathe new life into his government. With the departure of outgoing Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, Attal is expected to play a crucial role in shaping the direction of the administration.

Political Journey

Despite his youthful appearance, Gabriel Attal has a substantial history in French politics. Joining the Socialist Party at the age of 17, he quickly climbed the political ladder, serving as a junior minister in the Ministry of Economics and Finance before being appointed as the education minister in 2023.

A Symbol of Revitalization

Known as a “rising star” in French politics, Attal gained prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic when he assumed the role of government spokesperson. His ease in public appearances and strategic communication skills have positioned him as a key figure in Macron’s strategy to rejuvenate the government.

Ban on Muslim Abaya Dress

In July 2023, Attal assumed the role of Minister of National Education and Youth. Despite his left-leaning political background, Attal’s tenure as education minister began with a surprising move – the ban on the Muslim abaya dress in state schools. This decision garnered support from conservatives, showcasing Attal’s ability to navigate complex political landscapes.

Bridging Divides

Attal’s approach to policymaking reflects a commitment to bridge ideological divides. His ability to appeal to a broad spectrum of the population may contribute to the success of Macron’s efforts to unite the country under a renewed government agenda.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. Who is the newly appointed Prime Minister of France?
a) Emmanuel Macron
b) Gabriel Attal
c) Elisabeth Borne

2. What position did Gabriel Attal hold during the COVID-19 pandemic?
a) Minister of Economics and Finance
b) Education Minister
c) Government Spokesperson

3. Which political party did Gabriel Attal join at the age of 17?
a) Conservative Party
b) Socialist Party
c) Green Party

Kindly share your responses in the comment section.

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