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Germany to host G7 agriculture ministers virtual meeting

The German government has stated that it will hold a virtual meeting of G7 agriculture ministers to explore the implications of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on global food security. The meeting, according to Cem zdemir, Germany’s Minister of Agriculture and Food, will also focus on ways to stabilise food markets.

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  • According to the government, Germany will hold a virtual meeting of G7 agricultural ministers to address the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on global food security and how to best stabilise food markets.
  • Food security in Germany and the European Union is assured, but bigger shortages are likely in some countries outside the EU, particularly where scarcity already exists due to concerns such as drought.
  • Price increases for agricultural items cannot be ruled out in developed countries.”
  • This year, Germany is the rotating president of the Group of Seven advanced economies.
  • Russia refers to its efforts in Ukraine as a “special operation,” claiming that they are not intended to take territory but rather to damage Ukraine’s military capabilities and catch those it considers to be dangerous nationalists.

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