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Goodfellows, senior-focused startup launched by Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata, a pioneer in the field, unveiled Goodfellows, a firm that offers senior folks companionship services. Ratan Tata, the Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons, provided seed money for the platform in an unknown amount. Goodfellows completed a successful beta test over the past six months, and the service is now available in Mumbai. Pune, Chennai, and Bangalore are the next target cities.

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Goodfellows: Key Points

  • The Goodfellows company’s mission is to create lasting friendships between seniors and recent grads.
  • Goodfellows offers every service a grandchild might offer.
  • According to the statement, 15 million old people in India are living alone, either because they have lost a partner or because their families had to move away owing to unavoidable employment obligations.
  • The problem of loneliness or a lack of companionship, which has been the main factor contributing to the decline in the mental and physical health of senior adults, will be addressed by Goodfellows.
  • The relationships that Goodfellows has forged between the two generations are deeply significant and are assisting India in addressing a significant social issue. Ratan Tata expressed his optimism that the investment will assist the young Goodfellows team develop.

Goodfellows: About and How to Join

Over 800 young graduates applied to work at Goodfellows during the beta testing phase, and 20 of those candidates were chosen to provide companionship to the elderly in Mumbai, according to the company. The site will also hold regular gatherings for its users to attend in order to strengthen ties and have fun in a different setting. Senior citizens can join up on thegoodfellows.in or give a missed call at +91 8779524307 to use the services.

Goodfellows: Important Takeaways:

  • Founder and general manager of Goodfellows: Shantanu Naidu

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