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Google Arts & Culture Launches “Millets: Seeds of Change” Exhibition

Highlighting the historical importance and modern relevance of millets, Google Arts & Culture, in collaboration with India’s Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, presents an engaging digital exhibition titled “Millets: Seeds of Change.” This exhibition delves into the journey of millets, showcasing their evolution from ancient staples to contemporary superfoods, and emphasizes their nutritional value, role in climate resilience, and potential to address global food security challenges.

Celebrating Millets: From Ancient Grains to Contemporary Superfoods

The exhibition explores the significance of millets, tracing their evolution and showcasing their diverse varieties, cultivation techniques, and culinary versatility. It features contributions from notable chefs like Chef Thomas Zacharias, who offer tantalizing millet recipes, driving the millet revival movement forward.

Unveiling Millets: A Collaboration for Cultural Preservation

Amit Sood, Director of Google Arts & Culture, and Shri Manoj Ahuja, Secretary of India’s Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, highlight the collaboration’s mission to harness technology for cultural preservation and global engagement. Shri Ahuja emphasizes India’s leadership in championing millets, while Sood underscores the exhibition’s transformative impact on both present and future worlds.

Engage and Explore: Interactive Elements for an Immersive Experience

The exhibition offers interactive elements such as quizzes and crosswords, enriching visitors’ experiences and providing an engaging and informative exploration of millets’ significance. Explore the exhibition on the Google Arts & Culture website or app, available on iOS and Android platforms.

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