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Google Doodle Honored PK Rosy on her 120th Birth Anniversary

Google honored PK Rosy who became the first female lead in Malayalam cinema with a doodle. PK Rosy was born on 10th February 1903 in Thiruvananthapuram formerly known as Trivandrum. Google remembers PK Rosy, the first woman leader in Malayalam on her 120th birth anniversary. She was the first actress to work in Malayalam films with JC Daniel’s Vigathakumaran.

Google shared the animated caricature of PK Rosy on Twitter, quoting “Today’s Doodle Honours PK Rosy, the first female-led to be featured in Malayalam cinema.”.

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Who is PK Rosy?

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PK Rosy

P.K. Rosy was an Indian actress in the Malayalam cinema. She was born on 10th February 1903, and she is remembered as the first actress in Malayalam cinema starring in ‘Vigathakumaran’. Vigathakumaran was directed by JC Daniel.

PK Rosy Early Life

PK Rosy was born as Rajamma in 1903 in Nandankode Trivandrum in a Palaya Family. Her father died when she was young leaving her family in the mouth of poverty. She was interested in arts and acting became a passion for her at a young age.

It was a time when women in cinema were not a typical or common thing to be seen. The mystery behind her name ‘Rosy’ is not confirmed yet people have their theories. Some people believe that she converted to Christianity and changed her name from Rajamma to Rosamma, and some people believe that the Director she worked with, JC Daniel gave her the name to give her a glamorous personality.

PK Rosy Career

In 1928, PK Rosy became skilled in Kakkirasi, and then she stepped into JC Daniel’s film after his prospective heroine proved unsuited for the role. She played the character of Sarojini, a Nair woman in the film. After the release of the film, there were lots of protests against the film, as the Nair community was not impressed to see Dalit women portraying a Nair.

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