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Google Partners with Shakti to Combat Online Misinformation and Deepfakes

Google has taken a significant step to bolster the fight against online misinformation by announcing its support for Shakti, a consortium of news publishers and fact-checkers. This initiative is aimed at the early detection of online misinformation, including deepfakes, and establishing a common repository for news publishers to effectively tackle such challenges.

Shakti: A Pan-India Initiative

Shakti emerges as a pan-India network, orchestrated by DataLEADS in collaboration with the Misinformation Combat Alliance. Esteemed partners such as The Quint, VishvasNews, Boom, Factly, and Newschecker are involved, with the initiative receiving backing from the Google News Initiative. This collective effort marks a pivotal move towards creating a unified front against the spread of false information.

Objectives and Operations

The primary goal of Shakti is to provide a collaborative platform for independent fact-checkers and Indian language publishers. This platform will enable the sharing of fact checks, research resources, and alerts concerning elections-related viral misinformation and deepfakes. Google India highlighted that the project would span until the conclusion of the general elections, focusing on connecting stakeholders across the nation.

Multilingual Fact-Checking

Understanding the diversity of India, Shakti aims to cater to a wide audience by offering fact-checks in multiple Indian languages and formats, including video content. These fact-checks will be disseminated and amplified through partnering news publishers, ensuring a broader reach and impact.

Training and Resources

To empower news organizations and fact-checkers, the project will provide essential training in advanced fact-checking methodologies and deepfake detection techniques. Additionally, participants will gain access to the latest Google tools, including the Fact Check Explorer, enhancing their capabilities to identify and debunk false information efficiently.

Focused Language Support

Recognizing the linguistic diversity of India, Shakti prioritizes publishers producing original news content in major Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, and Marathi. This approach ensures that the battle against misinformation is inclusive and effective across different linguistic and cultural contexts.

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