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Government Cuts Import Duty on Phone Components Cut to 10% from 15%

In a strategic move to bolster the mobile phone manufacturing industry in India, the Centre has announced a significant reduction in import duties on mobile phone components. The import duty on parts used for mobile phone manufacturing has been slashed to 10% from the earlier 15%. This decision aligns with India’s broader objectives to enhance its role in global supply chains and increase exports.


India has been steadily growing as a hub for mobile phone manufacturing, with several major global players setting up their production facilities in the country. Despite this growth, a substantial portion of mobile phone components is still imported. High import duties on these components have previously been a challenge for manufacturers, impacting the cost-effectiveness and competitiveness of locally produced mobile phones.

Details of the Duty Cut

The recent government notification outlines the reduction in import duties for various mobile phone components. These include battery covers, main lens, back cover, antennae, SIM sockets, and other mechanical items made of plastic and metal. This move is expected to lower the production costs for mobile phone manufacturers in India, making them more competitive both domestically and internationally.

Impact on the Mobile Manufacturing Industry

The reduction in import duties is anticipated to provide a significant boost to the mobile manufacturing industry in India. It will enable manufacturers to source components at more competitive prices, thereby reducing the overall cost of production. This cost advantage can be passed on to consumers, potentially leading to lower prices for mobile phones in the Indian market.

Furthermore, the move is likely to attract more foreign investment in the mobile manufacturing sector, as global companies may find it more viable to set up or expand their manufacturing operations in India. The increased local production will also contribute to job creation and skill development in the sector.

Supporting India’s Larger Economic Goals

This initiative is part of India’s larger economic strategy to position itself as a key player in global supply chains, particularly in the technology sector. By reducing dependency on imports and enhancing local manufacturing capabilities, India aims to increase its exports and establish a stronger presence in the international market.

The government’s focus on developing the mobile manufacturing industry is also aligned with its “Make in India” initiative, which seeks to transform India into a global manufacturing hub. This duty reduction can be seen as a step towards realizing this vision, encouraging domestic production, and strengthening the country’s economic resilience.

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