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Government Forms 14th Task Force to Explore Use of Biochar in Steel Production

The Indian government has taken proactive steps to address carbon emissions in the steel industry by establishing a task force to investigate the potential use of biochar. With the steel sector contributing significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, this initiative aims to reduce carbon intensity and promote sustainability in steel manufacturing processes.

Formation of Task Force

  • Purpose:
    The task force is dedicated to exploring the utilization of biochar and other relevant products in steel production as a means to mitigate carbon emissions.
  • Initiative Background:
    In March 2023, Union Steel Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia sanctioned the formation of 13 task forces aimed at delineating action plans for various facets of green steel production and the adoption of sustainable manufacturing methodologies.
  • Focus Areas of Previous Task Forces:
    These 13 task forces have concentrated on different dimensions of green steel production, encompassing raw materials, technological advancements, and policy frameworks, as outlined by the steel ministry.

Exploring Biochar Implementation

  • Rationale for Biochar Usage:
    Given its potential significance in reducing carbon emissions within the steel industry, the formation of the 14th Task Force on ‘Use of Biochar and Other Relevant Products in Steel Making’ was endorsed by the ministry.
  • Task Force Establishment Date:
    The 14th Task Force on Biochar Implementation was established on December 5, 2023, in recognition of biochar’s role as a pivotal lever in carbon reduction practices within the steel sector.
  • Biochar Characteristics and Production:
    Biochar, derived from biomass sources such as agricultural waste products, offers promising attributes for steel manufacturing. Its production through stainless steel chambers presents a future-oriented solution, providing a non-corrosive and non-toxic material for sustainable steel production.

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