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Government to face no-confidence motion in Parliament

A No-Confidence Motion notice has been submitted by the Congress and Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS) in the Lok Sabha against PM Narendra Modi’s Government over the Manipur issue.

What’s in News?

The Congress and Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS) have submitted no-confidence motion notice in the Lok Sabha against the PM Modi’s Government over the Manipur issue. The notice has been accepted and the Speaker will announce the date of debate soon.

The notice has been submitted by has also submitted a separate no-confidence motion notice. Congress’s deputy leader Gaurav Gogoi and BRS floor leader Nageshwar Rao

PM Modi’s Government which enjoys the majority of at least 332 MPs in the Lok Sabha, faces no threat from this no-confidence motion.


The main reason of this action is the Manipur issue that have left over 125 people dead, thousands displaced and new tales of unspeakable horrors each day. The conflict and the government’s inability to end it even after three months of violence has been a key reason for the continuous logjam in both houses of parliament since monsoon session began on 20th July.

The opposition INDIA stated that their main aim to use the debate is to highlight the Manipur issue and pressurise the government to address the matter in the Parliament.

What is No-Confidence motion?

The No-Confidence motion signifies the state when one or more members of parliament have lost confidence in the appointed government. In that case, the opposition can challenge the government’s majority and ability to govern and if passed, the government must resign.

Rules to move No-Confidence Motion

A No-Confidence Motion can be moved by any member of the Lok Sabha but it must be supported by atleast 50 members of the House. The notice of the motion must be in written and presented before 10am and the Speaker will read it in the House.

After the motion is moved, the speaker will decide whether to admit the motion for discussion and debate. If admitted, the date of the motion must be scheduled within 10 days of acceptance by the Speaker.

Debate on No-Confidence Mation

The motion is debated in the Lok Sabha, with the member who submitted it. It is followed by the response of the government and the opposition parties can speak over it.

After the debate, the Lok Sabha votes on the motion and it passes if supported by a majority of the members.


There are two conditions:

  • If the motion is passed, the government must resign.
  • If the motion is not passed by the majority, the government remains in power.                                           

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