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Gutti Koya tribe Erect Stone Memorials

Gutti Koya tribes people erect stone memorials in the event of death of their three most important service provider namely physician, priest and village leader inside the forest on Andhra Pradesh- Chhattisgarh border.

What in News?

  • Gutti Koya tribe people erected stone memorials in Ramchandrapuram Village, inside forest on Andhra Pradesh-Chhattisgarh border.
  • These stone memorials erected to give tribute to the three most important dignitaries- physician, priest and village leader.
  • By erecting stone memorials Gutti Koya tribe people expresses their gratitude for their services.
  • These three community servants served the tribal people in Ramchandrapuram Village situated Kunavaram Mandal of Alluri Sitarama Raju District.

Process of erecting stone memorial:

  • After the death of any community servant, the stone of the size of deceased person is searched.
  • Then it is kept in the forest in the memory of the person.
  • When the memorial is installed, a feast is organized by the family of the deceased person.
  • Things which were dear to the deceased are placed under the stone memorial.

Gutti Koya Tribe

  • Gutti Koya Tribe is a tribe of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Odisha.
  • The language of Gutti Koya Tribe is Koya which is Dravidian language.
  • The most important fair celebrated by them is Sammakka Saralamma Jatraonce in two years on full moon day of Magha Masam at Medaram Village in Muluk Taluk of Warangal district.
  • They hold ST status in Chhattisgarh but not in migratory states such as Telangana.
  • They earn a living through animal husbandry and minor forest produce.
  • They appoint only males to the positions of physician, priest and village leader.
  • They practice Podu form of shifting cultivation.
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