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Henley Passport Index 2024: France Tops List; India At 85th

The 2024 edition of the Henley Passport Index has been published, offering significant insights into global mobility and soft power. This index assesses nations based on passport strength, providing valuable insight into the global landscape of mobility and soft power.

France Leads the Pack

  • France secures the top spot on the Henley Passport Index, with its passport granting visa-free access to 194 countries.
  • Reflects France’s strong diplomatic relations and global influence, providing its citizens significant freedom of movement.

European Dominance

  • Germany, Italy, Spain, and other European nations stand alongside France at the top ranks, showcasing the regional strength of the European Union.
  • Demonstrates the ease of travel within the EU and the collective diplomatic power of its member states.

India’s Slip and Rise

  • India slips one rank down to 85th place, despite an increase in visa-free access for its citizens to 62 countries.
  • Suggests that other countries may have improved their diplomatic relations or visa policies at a faster rate, impacting India’s relative position.

South Asian Dynamics

  • Pakistan maintains its position at 106, while Bangladesh slips from 101 to 102.
  • Highlights the diverse challenges faced by countries in the South Asian region and their varying impacts on global mobility.

Regional Players

  • India’s maritime neighbor, Maldives, ranks 58th with visa-free access to 96 countries.
  • Indicates the importance of geographical location and regional alliances in determining passport strength and global mobility.

China’s Strategic Moves

  • China witnesses a marginal jump in ranking from 66 to 64, driven by efforts to revive its tourism sector post-pandemic.
  • Demonstrates the strategic importance of visa policies in economic recovery and international relations.

US Politics vs. Perception

  • The United States jumps from 7th to 6th position, despite internal debates on immigration.
  • Reflects the complex interplay between domestic politics and global perception, with visa policies playing a significant role.


  • The Henley Passport Index relies on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Authority (IATA).
  • Ensures a comprehensive and reliable assessment of global mobility trends, updated monthly.

Global Mobility Trends

  • Over the past two decades, the number of countries offering visa-free travel has almost doubled from 58 to 111.
  • Highlights the growing interconnectedness of nations and the increasing importance of soft power in international relations.

Below is a table showcasing the ranks of some countries according to the Henley Passport Index in 2024:

Country Rank
France 1
Germany 1
Italy 1
Japan 1
Singapore 1
Spain 1
United States 6
China 64
Maldives 58
India 85
Pakistan 106
Bangladesh 102


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