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IAF to hold biggest air exercise ‘Tarang Shakti’


The Indian Air Force (IAF) is set to host its first-ever multi-national air exercise called ‘Tarang Shakti‘ in October-November this year. With the participation of several nations, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Australia, this exercise aims to strengthen military cooperation and foster strategic alliances. ‘Tarang Shakti’ is anticipated to be the largest multi-national air exercise ever hosted by India, showcasing the IAF’s commitment to global engagement.

Objectives and Significance of ‘Tarang Shakti’

The ‘Tarang Shakti’ exercise holds paramount importance for the Indian Air Force and the participating nations. Its objectives are to:

  • Strengthen military cooperation among participating air forces.
  • Enhance interoperability and synergy in joint operations.
  • Exchange best practices and lessons learned.
  • Demonstrate commitment to regional security and stability.
  • Build trust and foster strategic partnerships.

Participating Nations and Roles

‘Tarang Shakti’ is expected to witness the active participation of six nations, while another six will be attending as observers. The exercise aims to bring together a diverse range of air forces from around the world: United States, United Kingdom, France and Australia. Other participants are yet to be decided

Focus Areas and Training Scenarios

To ensure comprehensive training and collaboration, ‘Tarang Shakti’ will cover various focus areas and training scenarios:

  • Fighter Operations:
    a. Integrated combat operations.
    b. Air-to-air engagements and simulated dogfights.
    c. Offensive and defensive counter-air operations.
  • Transport Aircraft Operations:
    a. Airlift and air-drop missions.
    b. Formation flying and tactical maneuvers.
    c. Interoperability in air logistics.
  • Joint Exercises:
    a. Air-to-ground coordination with ground forces.
    b. Search and rescue operations.
    c. Humanitarian assistance and disaster relief drills.

Important takeaways for competitive examinaions

  • India’s Chief of Defence Staff is Gen Anil Chauhan
  • Vivek Ram Chaudhar is the Chief of the Air Staff of India
  • India has the fourth largest and third powerful air force in the world.


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