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ICICI Bank Introduces UPI for NRIs Using International Mobile Numbers

ICICI Bank has unveiled a groundbreaking feature allowing non-resident Indian (NRI) customers to utilize Unified Payments Interface (UPI) transactions in India through their international mobile numbers. This innovation aims to simplify daily payments for NRIs by eliminating the need to register an Indian mobile number with their NRE/NRO accounts, thereby enhancing convenience.

Enhanced Convenience for NRIs

Previously, NRIs had to link an Indian mobile number to their NRE/NRO accounts to use UPI, restricting their payment capabilities. With ICICI Bank’s new offering, NRIs can now leverage their international mobile numbers registered with their accounts for seamless UPI transactions, transforming their payment experience.

Activation Process

To activate UPI on their international mobile numbers, customers can follow a straightforward process through the iMobile Pay app. By verifying their mobile number, creating a UPI ID, and selecting their account number, NRIs can easily initiate UPI transactions without switching to an Indian mobile number.

Empowering Global Transactions

Sidharatha Mishra, Head of Digital Channels and Partnerships at ICICI Bank, highlighted the bank’s commitment to leveraging the UPI infrastructure provided by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to enhance the global digital payments landscape. This initiative signifies a significant stride towards facilitating seamless financial transactions for NRIs and fostering broader adoption of UPI across international borders.

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