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IISR-Kozhikode Develops New High-Yielding Pepper Variety


The Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR) in Kozhikode has achieved a significant milestone in the field of agriculture with the successful development of a groundbreaking black pepper variety named ‘IISR Chandra.’ This achievement is the culmination of an innovative research and development process that deviates from conventional methods, providing the agricultural sector with a potential game-changer.

Unveiling IISR Chandra

The research team at IISR took a unique approach in developing ‘IISR Chandra’ by crossing two distinct pepper varieties – Cholamundi and Thommankodi. The resulting hybrid was then back-crossed with Thommankodi to ensure the retention of all desired parental traits. This novel approach has given rise to a high-yielding black pepper variety that possesses unparalleled potential in both quality and yield.

Key Traits of IISR Chandra

‘IISR Chandra’ boasts distinctive traits that set it apart from existing varieties. With its long spike, compact setting and bold berries, this variety has the potential to yield an impressive 7.5 kg of pepper per vine. Additionally, its optimal spike intensity surpasses that of any currently cultivated black pepper varieties, making it an attractive choice for farmers.

Game-Changer for the Black Pepper Economy

  1. Dinesh, the Director of IISR, expressed confidence that ‘IISR Chandra’ would be a game-changer for the black pepper economy in India. Not only does it offer superior quality and yield, but it also has the capability to outperform and potentially replace some of the reigning black pepper varieties currently in cultivation.

Whole Genome Sequencing

As part of the comprehensive research and development process, the Institute completed the whole genome sequencing of ‘IISR Chandra.’ This detailed genetic mapping provides valuable insights into the variety’s characteristics and enhances our understanding of its potential for further improvements and applications.

Commercialization and Licensing

In a move to share the benefits of this groundbreaking variety, IISR officials announced plans to extend licenses for commercial production to interested individuals, farmers and nurseries. Eight such license agreements for commercial production are set to be executed on November 22 at the institute, marking a pivotal moment in the practical application of this innovative agricultural development.

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