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IIT Bombay develops mobile app ‘CORONTINE’

IIT Bombay develops mobile app 'CORONTINE'_4.1

A team at IIT Bombay has developed a mobile app named ‘CORONTINE’. The ‘CORONTINE’ app aims to help the authorities in tracking the asymptomatic carriers and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

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Working of the mobile app ‘CORONTINE’:

The mobile app ‘CORONTINE’ would be installed on the mobile of asymptomatic carriers (AC) by an authorized agency (AA). The app will share the GPS coordinates of the mobiles on the regular intervals with a server under the supervision of authorized agency. The mobile app will auto detect the movement of user if the user leaves a specified quarantined zone marked by a geo-fence and will generate alerts via sms or email following which the authorities can take necessary steps.

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IIT Bombay develops mobile app 'CORONTINE'_5.1

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