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IIT-Gandhinagar launches “Project Isaac” for students during Corona lockdown

IIT-Gandhinagar launches "Project Isaac" for students during Corona lockdown_4.1

The Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar (IITGN) has launched ‘Project Isaac’ to engage students in creative projects during the COVID-19 lockdown. The project aims to enhance the student’s skills while they are confined in their homes.

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The project is inspired by Sir Isaac Newton, who was similarly sent home by Trinity College, Cambridge, because of the Great Plague of London in 1665. During this year, Newton, then a 22-year-old college student developed some of his most profound discoveries, including early calculus, as well as his theories of optics and gravity.

As part of the project, four different competitions are being organized by IIT, Gandhinagar to cultivate new skills among students regarding writing, painting, coding, music, creative expression, and so on. Students can take part in competitions online. Nearly 40 per cent of IITGN students are already participating in various activities, which are entirely voluntary.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • Director of IIT-Gandhinagar: Prof Sudhir Jain.
  • IIT-Gandhinagar founded: 2008.

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IIT-Gandhinagar launches "Project Isaac" for students during Corona lockdown_5.1

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