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IIT Jammu Develops Sound-Based Anti-Drone System

Professor Karan Nathwani from IIT-Jammu has created a groundbreaking anti-drone system that relies on sound technology. This innovative approach ensures affordability and user-friendliness. Unlike conventional methods using visual or radar technology, Nathwani’s system identifies drones accurately by analyzing their distinct acoustic signatures.

Affordable and Accessible

  • Priced at approximately Rs 4 lakh, the system offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional anti-drone technologies.
  • Its user-friendly design ensures easy deployment and operation by security forces and civilian authorities without specialized training.

Addressing Security Challenges

  • In regions like Jammu and Kashmir, drones are used for illicit activities such as arms trafficking and smuggling.
  • Dr. Nathwani’s system enhances security infrastructure by accurately detecting and identifying drones, enabling timely responses to potential threats.

Development Journey

  • Overcoming challenges in data acquisition and analysis, Dr. Nathwani’s team developed the system over six months to a year. Meticulous testing ensured its accuracy and reliability in real-world scenarios.

Integration with Defense Systems

  • Dr. Nathwani advocates integrating the system into broader anti-drone Grid systems along borders. This approach enhances situational awareness and enables proactive responses to evolving security threats.

Scalability and Future Prospects

  • Capable of detecting drones, aircraft, and birds within a 300-meter range, the system offers versatility and effectiveness across various scenarios.
  • With production costs ranging from Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000, it remains accessible to a wide range of users.

 Advancing Airborne Threat Defense

  • Dr. Nathwani’s sound-based drone detection system signifies a significant advancement in countering airborne threats.
  • Its practicality, cost-effectiveness, and effectiveness inspire confidence in addressing security challenges and creating a safer environment.


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