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IIT Ropar develops unique detector ‘FakeBuster’

IIT Ropar develops unique detector 'FakeBuster'_4.1

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar and Monash University, Australia have developed a detector named ‘FakeBuster’ to identify imposters attending a virtual conference without anybody’s knowledge. It can also find out faces manipulated on social media to defame or make a joke of someone.

About the ‘FakeBuster’:

  • The ‘FakeBuster’ is a deep learning-based solution that helps detect if a video is manipulated or spoofed during a video-conference meeting.
  • It has been tested for its effectiveness on popular web conferencing applications – Skype and Zoom and also detecting deepfakes where faces are manipulated on social media to spread misinformation or defame persons.
  • ‘FakeBuster’ can function online and offline. It uses a 3D convolutional neural network for predicting video segment-wise fakeness scores.
  • ‘Deepfake’ has been extensively trained on datasets such as Deeperforensics, DFDC, VoxCeleb, and deepfake videos created using locally captured (for video conferencing scenarios) images.
  • Deepfake a form of artificial intelligence which seamlessly stitches anyone in the world into a video or photo they never actually participated in.


IIT Ropar develops unique detector 'FakeBuster'_5.1

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