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Important Facts About India Vs Pakistan Cricket Matches

India Vs Pakistan Cricket Matches

Important Facts About India Vs Pakistan Cricket Matches. The cricket matches between India and Pakistan always draws a good attention in both countries as well as rest of the world. Both countries cricket fans always want to see the cricket match between India and Pakistan. However, it happens less time each year due to tensions at border. Still, a few times, they play cricket matches and entertain their fans.

Important Facts About India Vs Pakistan Cricket Matches

  • They have played first test cricket match between October 16, 1952 and October 19, 1952.
  • One Day International cricket matches were introduced later on. Both countries have played their first cricket match against each other on October 1, 1978.
  • India and Pakistan played first T20 cricket match between them on September 14, 2007.
  • India and Pakistan played total 59 test matches, 128 ODIs, and 8 T20s around the world.
  • In ODIs, Pakistan won 72 and India 54 out of total 128 cricket matches.
  • There were three players who were played in India and Pakistan cricket team at international level. This unusual thing happened due to partition in 1947. Amir Elahi, Gul Mohammad, and Abdul Hafeez Kardar played for India before Independence. After Pakistan became a separate nation, they played from the team of Pakistan.
  • India won the first Asia cup in 1984 based on points after a round robin league. To your surprise, no final was played for that Asia cup.
  • India and Pakistan never met in the final of Asia Cup.

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