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India and UAE pen MoU to foster education connect between two countries

India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at bolstering their educational cooperation. The agreement covers various aspects, including student and faculty mobility, exchange of information, capacity development, and academic collaboration between educational institutions in both countries.

Key Initiatives under the MoU

Exchange of Information in Education: Both countries will share educational information, facilitating better collaboration and coordination in the field of education.

  1. Capacity Development of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Teaching Staff: This initiative focuses on enhancing the skills and expertise of TVET instructors, ensuring the quality of technical and vocational education.

  2. Facilitation of Academic Collaboration: The MoU encourages collaboration between higher education institutions in India and the UAE. This will open doors to twinning programs, joint degrees, and dual degree programs, further strengthening educational ties between the two nations.

Joint Working Group (JWG)

  • To oversee the implementation of the MoU, a Joint Working Group (JWG) will be established.
  • The JWG will be chaired by a representative from the Ministry of Education in both India and the UAE and will meet at least once a year to review the progress of the memorandum’s implementation.

Support for Indian Curriculum Schools

  • Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan expressed his gratitude for the UAE’s support to Indian curriculum schools. This support contributes to maintaining educational standards for Indian students in the UAE.

Student Exchange Programs

  • Pradhan also discussed plans for student exchange programs between India and the UAE.
  • These programs aim to provide students with valuable international educational experiences and cultural exposure.

Building a Knowledge Bridge

  • Union Minister Pradhan emphasized the importance of building a knowledge bridge between the UAE, a global economic hotspot, and India, a global talent hotspot.
  • This collaboration aims to strengthen the cultural and educational ties between the two nations.

Visit to Educational Institutions

  • During his visit to the UAE, Union Minister Pradhan toured educational institutions in Abu Dhabi, including the innovative 42 Abu Dhabi school, which focuses on disruptive learning and provides flexible, 24/7 learning opportunities for students.
  • Pradhan praised the school’s efforts to remove barriers to education, aligning with the vision of a tech-enabled future.

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