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India and UN Launch Global Capacity Building Initiative

In a groundbreaking move, India and the United Nations have jointly introduced a significant capacity-building initiative known as the “India-UN Capacity Building Initiative.” This initiative is designed to facilitate the sharing of India’s development experiences, best practices, and expertise with partner countries in the Global South.

Key Event Details

The announcement of this initiative took place during the “India-UN for the Global South-Delivering for Development” event on September 23 in New York. The event was attended by prominent figures, including India’s External Affairs Minister, Dr. S. Jaishankar, and Dennis Francis, President of the 78th General Assembly.

Building on Existing Cooperation

According to India’s permanent mission to the UN, the “India-UN Capacity Building Initiative” builds upon the extensive cooperation in development and capacity building that India has already established bilaterally with partner countries. Notably, India’s UN Development Partnership Fund has initiated 75 development projects in 61 countries over the past six years, demonstrating its commitment to international development.

Collaborative Efforts with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Under this initiative, a strategic partnership has been forged between the UN India team and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The partnership aims to leverage India’s Technical and Economic Cooperation platform to disseminate India’s development experiences and best practices to a global audience. A Joint Declaration of Intent has been exchanged to solidify this collaboration.

Alignment with India’s G20 Presidency Goals

The “India-UN Capacity Building Initiative” will play a pivotal role in advancing the development-related objectives of India’s G20 Presidency, including the G20 Action Plan. These objectives encompass accelerating progress toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), promoting technological transformation, and building Digital Public Infrastructure, among other critical priorities.

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