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India International Science Festival 2023 Kicks Off Today


The India International Science Festival (IISF) 2023 has commenced today on January 17, marking the beginning of a four-day extravaganza celebrating the achievements of India in the frontier areas of science and technology. Organized by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India, and coordinated by the National Innovation Foundation-India, IISF 2023 aims to foster scientific temperament, acknowledge achievements, and spread awareness among the Indian populace.

Central Theme: “Science and Technology Public Outreach in Amrit Kaal”

The central theme for IISF 2023 is “Science and Technology Public Outreach in Amrit Kaal.” This theme underscores the importance of public engagement in science and technology, emphasizing outreach initiatives that contribute to the betterment of society.

Global Participation

In a testament to its growing significance, IISF 2023 will witness the participation of 22 countries, including prominent nations such as the USA, Japan, Germany, Australia, and others. This international collaboration reflects the global acknowledgment of India’s advancements in the scientific domain.

Events Overview

Day 1 – January 17

The festival kicks off with twelve events, ranging from the Student Science Village to the Science, Technology, and Innovation Exhibition. Notable events include Face to Face of New Frontiers of Science & Technology and the State S&T Ministers and Centre and States S & T Secretaries Conclave.

Day 2 – January 18

Thirteen events are scheduled, encompassing activities like Vigyanika-Science Literature Festival, IISF Challenge, and Science & Technology Media and Communicators Conclave. The day promises a rich array of engagements for science enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Day 3 – January 19

Eleven events are on the agenda, including the Student Science Festival, Science through Games & Toys, and the much-anticipated Young Scientists Conference. Education for Aspiring India – National Science Teachers Workshop and other activities continue to engage diverse audiences.

Day 4 – January 20

The grand finale comprises eight events, featuring the Student Science Village, Face to Face with New Frontiers of Science and Technology, and the Start-up, Technology, and Innovation B to B Meet. The day serves as a culmination of the festival’s efforts to inspire and educate.

IISF Legacy

IISF has been an integral part of India’s scientific landscape since its inception in 2015. The 2023 edition, being the ninth in the series, continues the tradition of organizing outreach events across R&D institutes, labs, and schools, creating awareness and engaging with different stakeholders in society.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. What is the central theme of IISF 2023?

2. Which institute is the host of IISF 2023?

3. Since which year has IISF been organized?

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