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India Launches Fastest Indigenous IP/MPLS Router

Union Minister for Communications, Electronics, and Information Technology and Railways, Ashwini Vaishnaw, unveiled India’s fastest and indigenously developed IP/MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) router in Bengaluru. The router, boasting a capacity of 2.4 tdps, marks a significant milestone in India’s technological advancement. Ashwini Vaishnaw stressed that the router’s creation is a significant step in achieving the Prime Minister’s Digital India vision.

Top Features of India’s Fastest Router

  • Blazing Speed: The indigenously developed router boasts a remarkable speed of 2.4 tbps (terabytes per second), signifying a significant leap in data transmission capabilities. This speed is equivalent to 1,000 gigabytes or one lakh crore bytes per second.
  • Versatile Applications: Vaishnaw emphasized the diverse applications of the router, stating that its installation will catalyze growth across various sectors, including railways communication networks, power grids, telecommunications, and television media.
  • MPLS Routing Technique: The router employs MPLS, a sophisticated routing technique commonly used in telecommunications networks. MPLS directs data from one node to the next based on labels rather than traditional network addresses, optimizing data transfer efficiency.
  • Collaborative Development: Developed through collaboration between the Department of Telecom, CDOT, and Nivetti, the router represents a testament to India’s prowess in technological innovation. Its capability to handle 2.4 tbps data signifies a significant advancement in networking technology.

Enhancing Digital Infrastructure

  • The introduction of the indigenously developed router promises to revolutionize India’s digital infrastructure.
  • MPLS, pioneered in the 1990s, accelerates network connections by routing packets along predetermined network paths, significantly reducing data transfer times.
  • By identifying paths or “network roads,” MPLS streamlines data transmission, enhancing overall network efficiency.

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