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India Mobile Congress 2023 to be held in Pragati Maidan


The seventh edition of India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2023, Asia’s premier digital technology exhibition, will take place from 27 October to 30 October at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

What’s in News?

  • This year, 7th edition of India Mobile Congress (IMC) will take place at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 27 October to 30 October 2023.
  • The event is co-hosted by the Department of Telecommunications and Cellular Operators Association of India.
  • The theme of India Mobile Congress 2023 is ‘Global Digital Innovation.’
  • The India Mobile Congress 2023 aims to promote India’s pivotal role in global digital revolution, focusing on breakthroughs in 5G, 6G broadcasting, satellite, semiconductor, drone, devices and green technologies.
  • IMC 2023 will witness around 100,000 plus participants, 5,000 plus CXO level delegates, 350 plus speakers, and 400 plus exhibitors.

Suggestions given for Mobile Congress 2023:

  • Many more industries should be associated with IMC including drone technology, power electronics, consumer electronics, AI innovations, deep-tech, mobile manufacturing, cyber-security etc.
  • At least 100 universities should be involved and students may be invited in IMC 2023.
  • A section should be for consumer facing cyber security for safety of organizations and public from cyber frauds.
  • Exhibition should be for 5 days.
  • Concept of partner countries should be introduced.
  • The theme for IMC 2023 is ‘Global Digital Innovation’ and we all should work towards positioning India as a technology developer, telecom manufacturer and its exporter and IMC can play a major role in this vision.
  • Concept of virtual exhibition should be introduced to reflect IMC in other parts of the country.

Indian Mobile Congress:

The India Mobile Congress is the largest digital technologies forum in Asia, consisting of a three-day international conference and a technology exhibition.

This mega event is organized jointly by the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAL) and the Department of Telecommunications (DOI).

The IMC aims to be a platform for industry, businesses, regulators and policymakers to discuss and deliberate on critical issues affecting the growth of the telecom and technology sector.

Since 2017, six editions of Indian mobile congress have taken place and 7th edition will take place in October 2023,

In the first two editions, IMC focused on the transformative technology of 5G and most of the booths showcased various use-cases and scenarios where 5G would play an important role.

India Mobile Congress 2023:

IMC 2023 will include the key programmes that would put the spotlight on:

  • Launch of 6G
  • Advancement in 5G
  • Increasing use of AI in telecommunications and other domains
  • Edge computing, Industry 4.0
  • Emergence of India Stack

IMC 2023 will also widen the related technology domains such as broadcast, sat-com, manufacturing and semiconductors through partnerships with various associations such as Elcina, IESA, ISpA, DFI and others.

IMC 2023 has also planned to introduce several B2G and B2B forums and industry round tables, university and student engagement, and global buyer forums.

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