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India-Nepal Joint Initiative to Promote Sanskrit Research and Education

The Indian and Nepalese governments, along with scholars from both countries, have collaborated to advance Sanskrit research and education. This partnership aims to strengthen bilateral relations and preserve the cultural heritage shared by India and Nepal.

Resolution Highlights

1. Establishment of International Sanskrit Conference

  • Proposal for an annual conference to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among Sanskrit scholars from India and Nepal.

2. Creation of Sanskrit Study Center

  • Plan to establish a study center to research and publish Sanskrit scriptures, particularly focusing on Nepal’s vast collection of unpublished manuscripts.

3. Support for Gurukuls Development

  • Collaboration between Maharshi Sandipani Veda Vidya Pratisthan, Ujjain, and Niti Anusandhan Pratisthan of Nepal to aid in the development of traditional educational institutions (gurukuls) in Nepal.

4. Designation of Nepal-India Sanskrit Study Centre

  • Niti Anusandhan Pratisthan Nepal identified as the headquarters for the proposed center to conduct joint research, study Sanskrit manuscripts, and facilitate publication endeavors.

5. Training Program for Sanskrit Students

  • India to conduct specialized training programs for Sanskrit students in Nepal to enhance their proficiency and understanding of the language.

Additional Support

  • Central Sanskrit University, Delhi, committed to providing necessary books to Gurukul libraries in Nepal and supporting Sanskrit educational institutions across the country.

Promotion of Sanskrit Preservation

  • Agreement to promote the preservation of Sanskrit, Pali, and Prakrit languages, along with the associated religious, cultural, philosophical, historical, and archaeological heritage of both nations.

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