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India, Panama sign MoU on electoral cooperation

About the MOU

India’s Election Commission (ECI) and Panama’s Electoral Tribunal (ET) have taken a significant step towards enhancing their collaboration in the field of election management and administration. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the two institutions in Panama City, establishing an institutional framework for ongoing cooperation.
The ECI delegation, led by Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, engaged in discussions with Alfredo Juncá Wendehake, the Presiding Magistrate of Panama’s Electoral Tribunal, on various aspects of strengthening collaboration and knowledge exchange between the two Election Management Bodies.

Collaborative efforts

The collaboration between the ECI and Panama’s ET reflects a growing recognition of the importance of sharing best practices and fostering global partnerships in the realm of election management. As democracies continue to evolve, cooperation between electoral bodies becomes crucial in addressing common challenges and ensuring the integrity of electoral processes. This MoU sets the stage for a fruitful exchange of knowledge, expertise, and technological advancements, benefiting not only India and Panama but also contributing to the broader advancement of democratic principles worldwide. The ECI’s dedication to engage with its international counterparts underscores India’s commitment to promoting democratic values and strengthening the foundations of electoral systems globally.


The signing of this MoU with Panama marks a significant milestone in the ECI’s efforts to expand its international cooperation. Under its ‘International Cooperation Programme,’ the ECI has previously signed MoUs with Mexico, Brazil, and Chile. This latest agreement is the fourth MoU signed by the ECI with an EMB in the Latin Americas region, bringing the total number of MoUs between the ECI and EMBs/international organizations worldwide to 31. ECI is commited to engage with electoral bodies worldwide and bolster democratic processes globally and also equally dedicated to sharing its expertise and knowledge in conducting free, fair, and transparent elections with counterparts in other countries.

Key takeaways for competitive examinations

  • Prime minister of Panama: Juan Carlos Varela
  • Chief Election Commissioner of India: Rajiv Kumar

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