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India Rises to 39th Position in WEF Travel & Tourism Development Index 2024

India has ascended to the 39th spot in the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Development Index 2024, marking a significant improvement from its 54th position in 2021. Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, India showcases resilience and competitiveness in various aspects of its travel and tourism industry.

India’s Strengths and Performance

Resource Pillars

India boasts high price competitiveness (18th) and possesses competitive air transport (26th) as well as ground and port (25th) infrastructure. Its robust natural (6th), cultural (9th), and non-leisure (9th) resources contribute significantly to its travel appeal, making it one of the top performers globally.

Sustainability and Recovery

Despite a decline compared to 2019, India maintains strong sustainability in travel and tourism demand, especially with the rise of sustainable long stays among inbound visitors. However, challenges such as global inflationary trends impact price competitiveness, and the recovery of air transport and tourist services infrastructure remains below pre-pandemic levels.

Overall TTDI Score

India’s overall Travel and Tourism Development Index score is 2.1% lower than its 2019 level, reflecting the mixed nature of the sector’s recovery globally. High-income economies in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region lead the index, but India stands out as a top performer among lower-middle-income nations and in South Asia.

Global Travel Trends and Recovery Rates

The report highlights varying recovery rates in international tourist arrivals across regions, with West Asia leading with a 20% surpassing of 2019 levels. However, overall recovery rates hover around 90% in Europe, Africa, and North and South America by 2023.

Enabling Conditions in Developing Economies

While conditions for travel and tourism are improving in developing nations, efforts are needed to narrow the gap with high-income economies. Several developing countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Côte d’Ivoire, Albania, Tanzania, and Indonesia, have notably improved their TTDI scores, showcasing potential for growth and development in the sector.

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