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India to Chair UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee and Host 46th Session in 2024

In a historic milestone for India, the nation is set to chair the UNESCO World Heritage Committee and host its 46th session in New Delhi from July 21 to 31, 2024. This significant announcement was made by Vishal V Sharma, India’s Permanent Representative to UNESCO, on January 9, underlining the nation’s growing influence and commitment to global cultural and natural heritage conservation.

Collaboration for Conservation:

The decision to hold the 46th session in India was confirmed during the 19th extraordinary session of the World Heritage Committee in 2023. This decision, stemming from a proposal by Indian authorities in consultation with the UNESCO Director-General, reflects the collaborative efforts between India and UNESCO in fostering global cooperation in education, arts, science, and culture to promote world peace.

UNESCO’s Enduring Legacy:

The official UNESCO statement expressed enthusiasm for India’s role in hosting this esteemed event, highlighting the nation’s rich cultural heritage and dedication to the preservation of global treasures. As a United Nations agency, UNESCO plays a crucial role in recognizing and safeguarding cultural and natural heritage worldwide.

World Heritage Committee: Guardian of Global Treasures

The World Heritage Committee, consisting of representatives from 21 member states, gathers annually to deliberate on matters related to the identification, protection, conservation, and presentation of cultural and natural heritage sites. These discussions contribute to the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, a catalog of exceptional places that hold universal value.

A Testament to Global Recognition

India’s chairing of the World Heritage Committee in 2024 not only underscores its commitment to the principles of UNESCO but also provides a platform for the nation to showcase its diverse cultural and natural heritage. The event is expected to bring together experts, policymakers, and representatives from around the world to engage in meaningful discussions on the challenges and opportunities in preserving our global heritage.

This momentous occasion is a testament to India’s standing in the international community and its dedication to the ideals of UNESCO. The hosting of the 46th session in New Delhi presents an excellent opportunity for the world to appreciate India’s rich history, diverse traditions, and ongoing efforts in heritage conservation. As the nation takes on this pivotal role, it reinforces the collective responsibility of nations to safeguard and celebrate the cultural and natural treasures that unite humanity.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q1. When is India scheduled to chair the UNESCO World Heritage Committee and host its 46th session?
(a) January 2024
(b) July 2024
(c) December 2024
(d) April 2024

Q2. Who announced India’s role as the chair for the UNESCO World Heritage Committee’s 46th session?
(a) The Prime Minister of India
(b) India’s Permanent Representative to UNESCO, Vishal V Sharma
(c) The Director-General of UNESCO
(d) The President of India

Q3. During which session was the decision to hold the 46th UNESCO World Heritage Committee session in India confirmed?
(a) The 18th ordinary session
(b) The 19th extraordinary session
(c) The 20th ordinary session
(d) The 17th extraordinary session

Q4. What is the primary role of the World Heritage Committee?
(a) To promote international trade in cultural artifacts
(b) To deliberate on matters related to the protection and conservation of world heritage sites
(c) To organize cultural festivals around the world
(d) To facilitate international educational exchanges

Q5. How many member states are represented in the World Heritage Committee?
(a) 15
(b) 21
(c) 25
(d) 30

Q6. What does India’s role in hosting the 46th session of the World Heritage Committee signify?
(a) Its leadership in international trade
(b) Its commitment to UNESCO’s principles and heritage conservation
(c) Its dominance in global politics
(d) Its focus on technological advancements

Q7. What is UNESCO primarily responsible for?
(a) Economic development of member countries
(b) Safeguarding cultural and natural heritage worldwide
(c) Promoting global health initiatives
(d) Facilitating international sports events

Q8. Why is the 46th session of the World Heritage Committee significant for India?
(a) It marks the 100th anniversary of UNESCO
(b) It is the first time India is participating in a UNESCO event
(c) It showcases India’s rich cultural and natural heritage on a global platform
(d) It is a celebration of India’s independence anniversary

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