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India-UAE MoUs Link UPI With UAE’s AANI For Instant Payment


Multiple memoranda of understanding (MoUs) were exchanged between India and the United Arab Emirates during a significant diplomatic event, signifying a deepening of ties and cooperation between the two nations. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan presided over the exchange, highlighting the importance both countries place on their relationship.

1. Interlinking Instant Payment Platforms

An MoU on interlinking the instant payment platforms – UPI (India) and AANI (UAE) – was among the key agreements exchanged. This move aims to facilitate seamless cross-border transactions, enhancing financial connectivity between India and the UAE.

2. Bilateral Investment Treaty and Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement

The exchange also included an MoU for the Bilateral Investment Treaty, a crucial step in promoting investments between India and the UAE. This agreement builds upon the existing Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, further solidifying economic cooperation between the two nations.

3. Cooperation in Digital Infrastructure Projects

Recognizing the importance of digital infrastructure, both countries signed an agreement for cooperation in digital infrastructure projects. This framework will promote investment cooperation and facilitate the sharing of technical knowledge and expertise in the digital sector.

4. Collaboration in Energy Sector

The MoU for cooperation in the field of electrical interconnection and trade signifies a commitment to collaboration in the energy sector. This agreement opens new avenues for cooperation in energy security and trade, benefiting both nations.

5. Strengthening Cultural Ties

India and the UAE also focused on strengthening cultural ties through agreements on heritage, museums, and national archives. These agreements aim to foster engagement and collaboration in preserving and promoting cultural heritage between the two countries.

6. Financial Sector Cooperation

An important step towards enhancing financial sector cooperation was the agreement on interlinking domestic debit and credit cards – RuPay (India) with JAYWAN (UAE). This move will facilitate universal acceptance of RuPay cards across the UAE, contributing to financial inclusivity.

7. Enhancing Energy Partnership

The leaders discussed the strengthening of the energy partnership, acknowledging the UAE’s significant role as a source of crude oil and LPG for India. India’s entry into long-term LNG contracts further solidifies this partnership, ensuring energy security for both nations.

8. Infrastructure Development

Ahead of the diplomatic visit, agreements were signed to enhance port infrastructure and connectivity between India and the UAE. These initiatives will further boost trade and economic cooperation by facilitating smoother logistics and transportation.

Strengthening Strategic Partnership through Multiple MoUs

The exchange of multiple MoUs between India and the UAE underscores the commitment of both nations to deepening their strategic partnership across various sectors. These agreements pave the way for enhanced cooperation, economic growth, and cultural exchange, benefiting both countries and contributing to regional stability and prosperity.

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