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India vs South Africa Head to Head in ODI World Cup

India vs South Africa Head to Head in ODI World Cup

India and South Africa have a history of exciting clashes in the ICC Cricket World Cup. Let’s take a look at their head-to-head record in this prestigious tournament, along with some key match details.

Year Winner Margin
2019 India 6 wickets
2015 India 130 runs
2011 South Africa 3 wickets
1999 South Africa 4 wickets
1992 South Africa 6 wickets

As per the historical data, South Africa has a slight edge, with three victories to India’s two. However, it’s important to note that India won the most recent encounters in 2015 and 2019, and they did so with convincing margins.

  • 2019 World Cup: India emerged victorious with a 6-wicket win.
  • 2015 World Cup: India secured a 130-run win against South Africa.

The last time these two teams met in the ICC Cricket World Cup was in 2019, where India reigned supreme. This sets the stage for an exciting contest in the upcoming 2023 World Cup.

2023 ICC Cricket World Cup

India has been on an impressive unbeaten streak in the 2023 World Cup, winning their first seven games. On the other hand, South Africa has shown their dominance, breaking numerous records, including the highest total, second-fastest century, and most centuries in the tournament.

As it stands, India has already qualified for the semi-finals. South Africa, with its strong performance, is on the verge of securing a semi-final spot as well. However, the outcome of their match against India will play a crucial role in determining their fate.

If South Africa manages to defeat India, they will likely seal their place in the semi-finals. However, if South Africa loses to India and also faces defeat in their last league game, it could open the door for other teams like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and the Netherlands to make their way into the semi-finals. The race for the semi-final spots remains intense and unpredictable in this edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup.

India vs South Africa Head-to-Head in ODI Matches

When it comes to One Day International (ODI) cricket, India and South Africa have a long history of competitive encounters. Let’s delve into their head-to-head statistics in the ODI format:

Team India South Africa
Span 1991-2022 1991-2022
Matches 90 90
Won 37 50
Lost 50 37
Draw 0 0
Tied 0 0

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