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India VS Sri Lanka in ICC Cricket World Cup: A Head-to-Head Analysis

When it comes to cricketing rivalries in the ICC Cricket World Cup, the encounters between India and Sri Lanka have often been intense and memorable. Let’s delve into the head-to-head statistics and key matches that have shaped their history in the tournament.

Overview of India vs. Sri Lanka in ICC Cricket World Cup

Year Winner Margin
2019 India 7 wickets
2011 India 6 wickets
2007 Sri Lanka 69 runs
2003 India 183 runs
1999 India 157 runs
1996 Sri Lanka 6 wickets
1996 Sri Lanka Match Conceded
1992 NA No Result
1979 Sri Lanka 47 runs

India’s Dominance in Recent Encounters

In the most recent World Cup match between these two cricketing powerhouses in 2019, India came out on top with a convincing 7-wicket victory. This win showcased India’s strength and consistency in the tournament.

The Glory of 2011

One of the most iconic moments in World Cup history was when India triumphed over Sri Lanka in the final of the 2011 World Cup. The Indian team, led by captain MS Dhoni, won the match by 6 wickets, claiming their second World Cup title.

Sri Lanka’s Triumph in 1996

The 1996 Cricket World Cup saw Sri Lanka emerge victorious, and it was a tournament that featured encounters with India. In their group-stage match, Sri Lanka defeated India by 6 wickets, which was a significant moment in the journey to their first World Cup win.

2007: A Memorable Encounter

In the 2007 World Cup, Sri Lanka secured a victory over India by 69 runs, highlighting their capabilities on the world stage. These encounters have often been closely contested and captivated cricket fans worldwide.

1992: A Game with No Result

In the 1992 World Cup, India and Sri Lanka faced each other, but the match ended without a result due to various factors, including weather conditions. This remains an interesting footnote in their World Cup history.

1979: Sri Lanka’s Early Triumph

The 1979 World Cup witnessed another meeting between India and Sri Lanka. In this match, Sri Lanka secured a victory with a margin of 47 runs. This was a time when Sri Lanka was establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in international cricket.

As the history of India vs. Sri Lanka encounters in the ICC Cricket World Cup suggests, these matches have provided fans with some unforgettable moments. With both teams having an equal number of wins in World Cup encounters, the rivalry continues to be a compelling chapter in the cricketing world.


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