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Indian Army and Punit Balan Group Collaborate to Develop India’s First Constitution Park

The Indian Army and the Punit Balan Group joined hands to inaugurate the nation’s first Constitution Park in Pune. The ceremony, led by Lt. Gen. Ajai Kumar Singh, emphasized the importance of citizens honoring their duties outlined in the Constitution to drive India towards development by 2047.

Significance of the Constitution

Lt. Gen. Ajai Kumar Singh highlighted the global significance of the Indian Constitution, which not only grants Fundamental Rights but also underscores Fundamental Duties. He stressed the need for citizens to comprehend their rights and fulfill their duties, as outlined in the Constitution, for the realization of a developed India by 2047.

Acknowledgement and Gratitude

Lt. Gen. Singh expressed gratitude for initiatives like Constitution Park, which aim to enlighten citizens about their civic responsibilities. He thanked Punit Balan for his contribution to this endeavor, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in upholding the values of the Constitution.

Punit Balan’s Pledge

Punit Balan, President of Punit Balan Group, expressed his delight in being part of the initiative and pledged to uphold the Fundamental Rights and Duties outlined in the Constitution. He affirmed the commitment of the Punit Balan Group to always support initiatives that honor the foundation of the nation.

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