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Indian Army Enhances Air Defence with Igla-S MANPADS

The Indian Army has bolstered its Very Short Range Air Defence (VSHORAD) capabilities with the acquisition of Igla-S Man Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS) from Russia. This procurement, part of a larger deal for 120 launchers and 400 missiles, signifies a significant upgrade over outdated systems.

Capabilities of Igla-S

The Igla-S system, comprising the 9M342 missile, 9P522 launching mechanism, 9V866-2 mobile test station, and 9F719-2 test set, offers a versatile and comprehensive air defence solution.

Russian Contract and Indigenous Production

An agreement signed in November last year with Russia initiated the procurement process, with the first batch sourced from Russia itself. However, the subsequent production will be localized in India, aligning with the nation’s goal of self-reliance in defence manufacturing.

Deployment and Delivery

Designed for deployment in high mountainous terrain along the northern border, the Igla-S systems have already been received by one regiment, with further deliveries expected to equip additional formations.

Background and Selection Process

The selection of Igla-S followed a meticulous process initiated in 2010 under the previous government, culminating in the selection of Russia’s Rosoboronexport-manufactured system in 2018.

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